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Municipal, State, and Federal 

We specialize in municipal, state, and federal demolition.   East Coast holds many municipal contracts and excels in all branches of government work.  We are staffed to handle complex specifications and provide turn key solutions.  Our field staff is fully trained to meet all state and federal requirements.  With our knowledge, safety training, and highly maintained fleet of equipment, we are a qualified contractor that meets the standard for high profile projects.  Our office staff has years of experience with submittals, certified payrolls, and LEEDS reporting.  

  • Municipal Contracts

  • Government Facilities 

  • Bases and Shipyards

  • VDOT and NCDOT

  • Natural Disasters

  • Emergency Response

Virginian Pilot Overview
Virginian Pilot Overview
Commercial, Industrial, Environmental Demolition

We excel in commercial structure demolition.  Our fleet of 55,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. machines allow us to handle jobs of any size.  Our employees have over 100 years of combined experience.  Fast paced and large-scale projects are where we excel, and help to put our clients ahead of schedule and under budget. Our own fleet of disposal trucks guarantee hauling availability and consistency. We have a fleet of 13 excavators which allows us to support projects and meet accelerated schedules.

  • Commercial Structures

  • Schools 

  • Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial Plants

  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Tanks and Water Towers

High Reach Demolition, Complex Structural Dismantling, Emergency Response

With our company owned high reach excavator, we are able to offer high reach demolition services at an affordable cost. Precision dismantling in dangerous environments are our specialty. Our reputation is built on demolition of complex structures, while maintaining quality and safety Equipped with specialized demolition material processors, hydraulic hammers and crushers, our investment in a large variety of demolition equipment allows us to handle multiple projects simultaneously.  

  • High Reach Demo  

  • Precision Removal

  • Structural Dismantling

  • Building Separation

  • Emergency Response  

  • Hydraulic Hammers

  • Material Processors

  • Crushing/Screening

  • Sheds                     

  • Homes

  • Garages

  • Pools

  • Clearing

Residential and Private Demolition, Property Improvement

It's not all large-scale demo here at East Coast.  We still complete over 150 housing and small-scale demolition projects every year.  We can walk clients through the steps to clear their property to increase its resale potential or build their dream home.  Let us handle disconnects, permitting, demolition, and permit closeout, so you can focus on the future of the site.

  • Sheds                     

  • Homes

  • Garages

  • Pools

  • Driveways

  • Grading                  

  • Tree Removal

  • Lot Clearing

  • Sand import

  • Backfilling

  • Abatement               

  • Concrete Demo

  • Trash Removal

  • Site Demo

  • Septic Removal

Interior Strip Outs, Selective Removal and Demolition, Saw-cutting and Asset Recovery

We can complete small scale and large scale interior soft strips and selective demolition.  We have interior demolition teams with the experience and attention to detail when removing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing materials.  Equipped with saw-cutting equipment, we can self-perform slab and footer demolitions, trenching, and separations.  Our highly trained operators can safely strip interiors for a variety of commercial and industrial facilities to help bring value to projects.

  • Soft Strip                 

  • Interior Demo

  • Selective Demo

  • Asset Recovery       

  • Shoring

  • Saw-cutting 

  • Hand Demo             

  • MEP Demo

  • Flooring Demo

Hazardous Material Removal and Abatement, Environmental Remediation, Erosion Control

Our trained field and office staff can help in small and large abatement and hazardous removal projects.  We provide a turn key solution to your environmental needs by offering sampling, permitting, removal, and disposal of hazardous materials.  East Coast Abatement has years of experience in abatement and environmental remediation, while following all state, federal, and local regulatory requirements.  Give us a call and ask how we can help you better understand and tackle these complicated issues while providing cost savings and clear guidance.

Trucking, Equipment Transport, Heavy Hauling, Material Transport

East Coast owns and maintains a fleet of 14 dump trailers and dump trucks.  We are also equipped with two lowboy units, which allows us to handle oversized and overweight loads.  Our staff is skilled and experienced in permitting, transport, and escorting of super loads and oversized loads.  Our Hardox bodies trailers and dumps can handle any type of material, from sand and aggregates, to concrete and steel. We load, haul, dump, and offload any type of material you may have.  We are able to provide real time tracking of trucks and equipment during transport, and are in constant contact with our field staff.  Let us know what we can move for you!

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