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East Coast Demolition is a family run business that is currently going on its 3rd generation of ownership.  Richard Webb Senior began the business as East Coast Insulation back in the 1970's.  Richard Webb II took over from his father and began asbestos abatement which later led to purchasing his first excavator and dump truck transitioning the business to East Coast Abatement and Demolition.  Today East Coast Demolition is operated by Richard Webb II and his son Richard Webb III, along with a group of employees that have been with East Coast over 65 years combined. 


East Coast Abatement and Demolition is a full service hazardous material abatement and demolition contractor serving Northeastern North Carolina and Virginia.  Our services include the design, management and implementation of abatement and demolition projects ranging from simple residential structures to complex high rise structures. Some of our services include the removal of regulated hazardous and non-hazardous materials, hauling, high reach demolition, interior strip outs, erosion control, site work, clearing, emergency services, environmental consulting and selective dismantling.


Our niche is technically complex demolition projects that require the use of our custom made demolition equipment. We pride in ourselves in recycling as much of our waste stream as much as possible to help reduce the impact on the environment.  East Coast services many sectors to include private, commercial, local, state and federal agencies.  We contribute to our local communities by working with the different municipalities to remove and dispose of dilapidated/blighted structures. Additionally, we work with property owners to help clear their land to maximize the properties resale potential.  Over the years we have assisted the Federal Government in decommissioning old structures ranging from office space to airplane hangars, helping to make way for newer more advanced facilities.


Our fleet includes 13 excavators, 12 dump truck/trailer combinations, service trucks, loaders, dozers, gradalls , specialized attachments and other miscellaneous small equipment. We strive to be the best in our industry while focusing on safety, reliability, and efficiency.


East Coast Demolition is proud to be a part of the growing trend toward “going green” in our community. With landfills filling up fast, East Coast has taken great strides toward being more responsible for our environment. The salvaging and recycling practices we use at our facilities and on our jobsites for many years now have demonstrated that “green demolition” is not only possible, but also cost-effective and beneficial to both our community and our customers. Along with saving East Coast in unnecessary tipping fees.


One method of green demolition East Coast uses is to salvage all materials from our jobsites. Although this process can be somewhat time-consuming and incurs additional up-front costs, the results make it worthwhile. Scrap metals such as copper, steel, aluminum and brass are extracted, sorted and sold to recycling facilities. Recovered appliances--from light fixtures to HVAC units--are removed to be used in-house or offered for sale to the public to avoid becoming scrap materials. This also includes interior/exterior store fronts, doors, electrical equipment, tires, lighting for parking lots and more. If you can name it, it can be removed, re-used or re-sold based on the condition and value of the salvaged item.


We salvage all brick, concrete and asphalt, which are crushed, meticulously screened and sold in several different grades of materials. The screening process offers a clean, high-quality product.  East Coast offers all of our products to the public, creating a truly positive recycling program benefiting both our customers, our company, the community and greatly reduces the impact on our environment avoiding land-filling of these products. 


We are always seeking new ways to promote the “green demolition movement.” The latest addition to our environmentally-friendly policy is the acceptance of clean aggregate material from both the public and other businesses at no charge – our only requirements are that the concrete and asphalt be free of rebar, AB, mastics, paint, dirt, wood and debris. East Coast hopes that this promotion will help encourage others to avoid using landfills to dispose of materials that can be recycled, diminishing our carbon footprint in Virginia and North Carolina for many years to come.

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