East Coast teamed up with KBS to demolish a 70,000 sf boat storage facility, as well as a 30,000 sf marina and event facility.  A boat fueling facility and three 20,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks were also removed in our scope of work.  


We utilized a fleet of 4 excavators to complete the work, as well as our high reach excavator to safely dismantle the 60' tall boat storage facility.  By using our high reach machine the structure was taken down systematically, while keeping the operator, our employees, and other employees safe within the demolition area.  

Complete slab and foundation removal was carried out over a 2 week timeframe and hauled to a local recycling yard to be processed and turned back into re-usable material for future projects.  

Safety of the surrounding community, residents, and maintaining access to the boat docks and boats were critical.  There was also a restaurant on the site that had to remain open and operational.  All work was completed without disruption to the surrounding community.