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Hampton, Virginia Hotel 

East Coast Demolition worked with the City of Hampton to demolish the former Quality Inn located in Hampton, Virginia.  The 150,000 sf hotel consisted of office spaces, theatre, convention center, 2 story motel, and 9 story hotel.  All work was completed with East Coast Demolition owned equipment.


Work was completed over several months, taking down the structure strategically, cleaning the site as we progressed as to not leave any hazards on the site.  With the hotel in close proximity to restaurants, active hotels, and a busy retail area, extra steps were taken to mitigate dust and debris.  Exterior walls will eft as long as possible to contain dust and debris, as well as limit the view of the site from the active hotel next door.  

Once the majority of the single to two story portion was completely down and cleaned up, we utilized our Volvo highreach to take down the 9 story.  Separating materials and hauling off as we demolished help keep the project area looking clean and organized.  It was important to the City of Hampton to keep a clean appearance to the site even with the scale and scope of work.

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