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East Coast teamed up with W.M. Jordan Company to complete the separation and structure demolition of 30,000 SF existing high bay steel truss structure that is currently being used to build Liebherr equipment.

This project consisted of pre engineering the demolition plan, separation, protection, and selective removal of structural elements of the plant.  450 LF of separation and lead abatement began the project to create an air gap for roof dry in and weatherproofing of the existing structure.  An active plant inches away from the separation created a high risk environment that was mitigated with proper planning.  

By utilizing our high reach excavator we were able to separate the structure mechanically and safely lower portions of the roof and roof trusses to the ground.  Work was completed over a 4 week period.  The plant activity could not be shut down, so ECD implemented methods of demolition that allowed for all shift work to continue without interruption.

After all roof and wall  elements were removed, ECD engineered a demolition plan to lower the main three 30,000 lb. roof trusses.  These trusses tied into the main columns of the facility that the overhead crane system mounted to.  There was no movement allowed to these main trusses during demolition activities or the overhead cranes would be compromised.

The three trussed were safely torched and lowered to the ground.  Slab and foundation demolition followed to finish out the project.  Phase 2 will include lead abatement and structural truss removal for the building to be tied in completely.

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