ARBORS: Williamsburg, VA

East Coast teamed up with CA Barrs to complete the full structure and site demolition of the former Village Shops at Kingsmill, located in Williamsburg, VA.  The project will bring in new apartments for the growing area.  This was another great project to work with CA Barrs, which followed a previous partnership on a 300,000 former hotel site where we demolished and crushed close to 15,000 tons of material for re use on the site.

This project consisted of 7 structures totaling 80,000 sf, all associated concrete slabs and foundations, and surrounding parking lots and trees.  Overall the 4 acre site was left a blank canvas for the GC to complete the new work.  All concrete and asphalt was crushed on site, to be re-used in the new construction.  Over 7,000 tons over material was recycled.  East Coast was able to recycle 87% of the waste stream.

What made this project more difficult was that all the roofing material had trace amounts of asbestos.  East Coast utilized heavy equipment and trained staff to soft strip all interiors of the buildings.  This allowed our crews to safely and efficiently remove the roofing during heavy demolition, and separate the roofing from the rest of the waste stream.  East Coast also utilized atomized dust suppression systems on site to keep all dust within regulatory limits.  These engineering controls allowed ECD keep surrounding businesses and people safe, as well as saving the owner money and time!