BASF Brown Field Site Demolition, Portsmouth, VA

East Coast Demolition is working with Victory Unlimited on the former BASF Plant site, removing over half a million square feet of concrete foundations and impervious site items.  The site consists of of plant foundations, slabs, tank foundations, and secondary enclosures.  Foundation removal is extending beyond 10' in some areas.  

A portion of the demolition requires bulk soil removal to expose underground foundations and slabs.  Existing rail road, above ground storage tanks, and asphalt roadways are also being removed.


Utilizing 7 machines, ECD is currently on schedule.

All aggregate materials are being stockpiled on site to be crushed for re use in the building pad of the future cold storage facility that will be built.  


Over a 2 month period over 15,000 tons of concrete and asphalt will be demolished, removed, stockpiled, and crushed.