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Virginian Pilot,
Virginia Beach, VA

East Coast Demolition is working with KBS on the former Virginian Pilot Print Press Facility, removing over 170,000 square feet of building structure, and 36 three story tall presses in Phase 1.   Work included asbestos abatement, equipment salvage, extensive disconnects, and hazardous material removal.  Work will be completed over a 4 month window for Phase 1.

Phase 2 will consist of complete slab and foundation removal, as well as parking lot and impervious surface removal.  All concrete, asphalt, brick and block will be crushed on site and reused for future development.  We are currently tracking an 85% recycle rate on the project.  

All steel and non ferrous items are being separated, processed, and categorized on site before it is shipped to the local recycling yards.  Utilizing 3 90,000 lbs + excavators, multiple shears and attachments, work has been carried out with zero incidents and change orders.

Phase 2 will commence in summer of 2023!


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