5 Story Hotel Abatement and Demolition

Richmond, VA

East Coast Demolition worked with a local general contractor to tackle this 120,000 sf former hotel and restaurant combo to make room for a new developer.  Work consisted of over 100,000 sf of abatement and soft strip in the 5 story structure.  Debris was removed prior to demolition to help divert recyclable material from the local landfills.  Work was done in phases to keep production moving while multiple aspects of the project were completed.

While interior soft strip and abatement was taking place in the 5 story portion, 20,000 sf of the existing restaurant and event halls were demolished along with slabs and foundations.  During the demolition of the 5 story structure, crews installed shoring and selectively separated the hotel and stairwell from an existing 7 story hotel that was to remain.  

Along the separation line, 5 stories of block was directly adjacent to single story portions of the hotel to remain, as well as the request to preserve the fire suppression room on the first floor of the structure that was being demolished.  Work was carried out in a safe and planned environment allowing a successful completion of all aspects of the project.