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Perdue Grain 12 Pack
Bridgeville, Delaware

East Coast Demolition worked with the Perdue AgriBusiness to remove a 80' concrete silo grain storage 12 Pack.  Careful pre planning, design/fabrication, and coordination was carried out to ensure safety to the surrounding tipper, rail line, overhead power lines, and active facilities.   ECD fabricated multiple demolition debris boxes and hanging debris curtain that were placed to contain debris during demolition activities and to protect active structures adjacent to the silo footprints.

Work was completed over a 4 week window, with no facility closures needed.  An 80' top house located on the concrete structure to remain had to be removed by hand prior to the 12 pack demolition.  Then the main structure needed to be sawcut and separated from the silos.  The debris protections had to be moved and placed throughout the project, as well as coordinating demolition activities around the active rail lines.

Utilization of our Volvo 480E HR high reach, we were able to safely remove the silos in a very controlled manner.  An 80 ton crane was brought in to hold our debris curtain while we demolished the last two silos.  All concrete was processed on site, rebar was removed, and hauled off to a local yard for recycling.  All materials from the demolition activities was 100% recycled.

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