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4 Story Office Building
Norfolk, VA

East Coast Demolition worked with the City of Norfolk to remove this 55,000 sf office building to open the space for future development.  Careful pre planning and coordination was carried out to ensure safety to the surrounding community, pedestrians, and roadways.  Hanging curtains were placed to contain debris during demolition acitvities and to allow work to continue during changing weather conditions.  

Work was completed over a 6 week window, with no complete road closures needed.  The structure was surrounded on three sides by active roadway, surrounding businesses, and heavy traffic.  At the adjacent untersection was the newly renovated Matin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and monument sign that was only 10' off the building corner.  ECD took care to protect the monument and maintain traffic during renovations and ceremonies.

Utilization of our Volvo 480E HR high reach, newly purchased Volvo 380 SB, and standard 380 allowed ECD to dismantle the building, maximize recycling efforts, and control falling debris along roadway.  Work was carried out in a safe and planned environment allowing a successful completion of all aspects of the project.

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